Fun Events, Workshops and Retreats

Namaste Highland Park has a lot of fun WORKSHOPS planned for you: Urban Gardening, Jewelry Making, Kombucha Making, Drumming & Yoga, Sound Baths, Gong & Meditation and many, many more!

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Crystal Bowl Sound Bath ~ Sunday, February 1st, 8:15pm ~ $17

Join us for this hour long sound bath and access parts of the mind that are typically closed, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and higher consciousness. Guided by his Higher Self, Shane uses guided meditation, crystal quartz singing bowls, and a myriad of sound healing instruments in his healing. His soundscapes cleanse and purge negative blockages while amplifying and energizing positive vibrations, thereby giving listeners a blissful, transforming and uplifting experience in mind, body, emotions and spirit. Packages and memberships apply.

Shane has performed throughout the greater Los Angeles area and at festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle and Lucidity.

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Candlelight Flow with live Sitar ~ February 4th ~$17

Wind down your day by the candlelight and the soothing sounds of LIVE SITAR. This class happens every first Wednesday of the month; 7:50-8pm in the Sanctuary yoga room across the back patio.

This class combines a heating, vinyasa flow with the quiet, cooling, relaxing restorative poses. Perfect way to wind down the day! Get a work out in the first half of the class with vinyasa flow and melt onto the mat in the second part of class with slow, gentle, relaxing poses. Class is led by Alissa, accompanied by Alexander Wand live on sitar.  Space is limited, signing up is highly encouraged.

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Couple's Massage Workshop ~ February 14th, 4:30pm

Get intimately interactive, hands on in this fun, informative and hands on massage class. Hannah and John will share their massage methods in front of a small group of couples. Couples then practice on each other while instructors see everyone personally.  Participants will sit and lay on yoga mats, comfortably clothed; no oil will be used. Class is kept small, intimate. 

Invest in yourself learn a valuable skill that will keep on giving for years to come. Pre-registration is required. Space is very limited!

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Shakespeare-n-Lust ~ Saturday, February 14th, 7pm ~ $17

Spend Valentine’s Day with the Bard—like you’ve never heard him before. Namaste Highland Park serves up a dirty dish of saucy Shakespeare scenes, sonnets and songs; it’s a ribald evening that celebrates the bawdiness of the Bard and is sure to make lovers of all ages swoon and sizzle.
So whether you’re trying to show a good time to a special someone, trying to keep it classy while adding a bit of spice to your Valentine’s dish or you’re flying solo and ready to laugh at fools in love -- come down to the studio for an entertaining evening of Shakespeare like you’ve never heard him before!

Directed by Robert Otey. Space is limited. Pregistration highly enouraged.

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Intro to Tai Chi & Qigong, Sat, Feb 21st, 12:30pm

Starting with the standing meditation posture, "hug tree," this workshop will introduce you to some of the basic concepts and techniques of Tai Chi.
We will delve into breathing, posture, body positioning, and energetic sensitivity. You will come away from class with a set of exercises that you can do anywhere and at almost any time. You will also learn the first five movements of the traditional Yang Style Long Form. The health benefits of Tai Chi - both physical and emotional - are profound. Come experience them for yourself in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. No previous Tai Chi or martial arts experience is necessary!

Packages and membership apply.

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Yoga & Healthy Spines ~ Sun, Feb 22, 12:30-2:00pm ~ $17

This special class focuses on healing embedded patterns of misalignment that create pain and tension. Shoshana will tecah how to align and how to strengthen your spine with yoga poses designed to specifically support and care for the back, not only in yoga class but as we move through life. Acquire strength and flexibility simply by living according to our body's natural design. We will learn how to align the bones while engaging in exercise to truly build strength instead of creating wear and tear. We can become our own best teacher as we become mindful of the body's natural skeletal alignment. Learn the true shape your body is meant to take for a pain free life. 


Sound Bath*Voice*Meditation ~ Sunday, March 1st, 8:15pm ~$17

This grounding half restorative class half sound bath is accompanied by the mesmerizing voice of Odeya Nini. Come restore, reground and leave feeling connected to the Earth and Sky, drawing energy from the Odeya's vibrant voice as you relax into the poses.

Regular plass packages and memberships apply.

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