Fun Events, Workshops and Retreats

Namaste Highland Park has a lot of fun WORKSHOPS planned for you: Urban Gardening, Jewelry Making, Kombucha Making, Drumming & Yoga, Sound Baths, Gong & Meditation and many, many more!

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Candlelight Flow with LIVE SITAR ~ Wednesday, April 1st ~$17

Wind down your day by the candlelight and the soothing sounds of LIVE SITAR. This class happens every first Wednesday of the month; 7:50-9pm in the Sanctuary yoga room across the back patio.

This class combines a heating, vinyasa flow with the quiet, cooling, relaxing restorative poses. Perfect way to wind down the day! Get a work out in the first half of the class with vinyasa flow and melt onto the mat in the second part of class with slow, gentle, relaxing poses. Class is led by Alissa, accompanied by Grammy Winner Alexander Wand live on sitar.  Space is limited, signing up is highly encouraged.

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Full Moon Practice with LIVE MUSIC ~ Friday, April 3rd, 7:50pm ~$17

Full Moon Yoga w/ Sondra Sun-Odeon + live accompaniment by Leyna Marika Papach.
The Full Moon is a time of great energy which can sometimes feel unbalancing. Find grounding and tranquility as we draw on the Full Moon (April's full moon is also known as the Pink Moon) energy to explore moon salutations, sound meditation & chanting -- awakening a deep meditative state. Find nourishment in this evening of movement and vibrational healing. New York artist and composer, Leyna Marika Papach accompanies with improvised ragas inspired by her work in North Indian traditional music.

Leyna Marika Papach is a musician and multi-disciplinary artist from Japan and the United States. Her compositions house the languages of dance, theater, sound and image and her multidisciplinary pieces have been performed in Holland, Czech Republic, Japan, and the United States.  Sign Up

Spring Garden ~ Saturday, April 4th, 12:30pm ~$35

Spring arrives early in Los Angeles.  Take advantage of our unique weather to grow food year round.  In this workshop we'll discuss what grows well now, how to transition from your winter garden into spring crops and prepare for summer.  We'll discuss all the basics of urban gardening from creating a new garden to maintaining an existing one.  Bring gloves if you want.  We'll be planting some trays of seeds for participant to take home.

Learn how to get started growing your own food at home. Matthew will talk about crops that grow well in Los Angeles, what veggies and greens thrive in mild days, cool nights, rain and in full sun or shade. You will learn about where to locate the garden on the property, whether to use raised beds or plant direct in the existing soil, what to add to keep soil fertile, how to space the plantings, how to use companion plants, and the basics of garden health and maintenance.

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Yoga for Allergy Management ~ Sunday, April 5th, 2pm ~ $17

Learn how to use specific aspects of a yoga practice to keep the sinuses healthy and happy year round, especially during heavy pollen seasons. 

Matthew will demonstrate and discuss proper use of a neti pot (kriya yoga), teach pranayama for optimal breathing and lead an asana series specifically engineered to boost the immune system and give relief to troubled sinuses.  

Optional: bring your neti pot if you have one or buy one at the studio if you want to use one.

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Yoga Essentials ~ Sunday, April 12th, 2pm ~ $17

Beginning a yoga practice can be both intimidating and overwhelming.  This workshop is designed to help you build a solid foundation for a well-balanced yoga practice. With Hollye you will explore the fundamentals of breathing, stillness, proper alignment of basic yoga postures (Asanas) and breath techniques (Pranayama) that support the well being of our body and mind. Whether you are brand new, have an emerging practice, are looking to launch your way into a consistent practice, you will learn or revisit the essentials to deepen your body awareness and develop your asana practice.

All ages are encouraged. Bring water and a towel. Regular class. Packages and memberships apply.

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Intro to Tai Chi & Qigong, Sat, April 18, 12:30pm

Starting with the standing meditation posture, "hug tree," this workshop will introduce you to some of the basic concepts and techniques of Tai Chi.
We will delve into breathing, posture, body positioning, and energetic sensitivity. You will come away from class with a set of exercises that you can do anywhere and at almost any time. You will also learn the first five movements of the traditional Yang Style Long Form. The health benefits of Tai Chi - both physical and emotional - are profound. Come experience them for yourself in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. No previous Tai Chi or martial arts experience is necessary!

Packages and membership apply.

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Sound Bath*Voice*Meditation ~ Sunday, May 17th, 8pm ~$17

This grounding half restorative class half sound bath is accompanied by the mesmerizing voice of Odeya Nini. Come restore, reground and leave feeling connected to the Earth and Sky, drawing energy from the Odeya's vibrant voice as you relax into the poses.

Regular plass packages and memberships apply.

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Joshua Tree Retreat ~ May 23-25th

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND IN JOSHUA TREE. Get away from the LA madness! Connect with all your senses in the beautiful, serene and inherently magic landscape of Joshua Tree with yoga, pranayama, meditation, hiking, campfires and nourishing gourmet food.

Included in the trip:

  • Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama 2x day
  • Three gourmet vegetarian meals a day, snacks, beverages
  • Guided hikes, exploring the sacred natural surroundings
  • Cave-ing and meditation in a cave
  • S'mores and Star gazing
  • A community of likeminded yogis and yoginis
  • Free time (to read, rest, hot tub, do as you please)

Pricing Options (prices shown are per person):

Spa Suite Dorm Room $575
Shared Accommodation $695
Single Accommodation $850

Early bird pricing closes April 15th.

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