Urban Beekeeping ~ March 23rd, 12:30pm ~ 2.5h - $35

Support Urban Beekeeping and join HoneyLove founders Rob and Chelsea McFarland sweet afternoon of beetalk over snacks and tea with raw honey. Whether you would like to get started in beekeeping, have previous beekeeping experience and want to get back into beekeeping, or you just want to know more about the bees before taking the plunge this workshop/lecture is for you. Learn all you need to know to know about bees, organic beekeeping in residential setting and honey harvesting. Rob and Chelsea will explain how to assemble a hive, populate the hives with honeybees, go over the equipment, feeding, inspections, honey extraction and other hive products and overwintering. Come hear the buzz, taste some honey. 

The workshop inludes HoneyLove Membership and the goodies that come with it, tea, snacks and honey. 

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