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Alissa Stahl

Alissa, part of the original Derby Doll team, was known as Kammi Kazi for years. After experiencing a number of injuries from her days with LA Derby Dolls, taking Crossfit classes, and swimming with the US Masters Swim Team, she began to practice yoga seriously. She developed a special class for extreme athletes, like the Derby Dolls, and now teaches yoga to all kinds of tough guys and gals. Her eclectic style and great adaptability will charm you - according to Alissa, being able to touch your toes is not a pre-requisite for taking yoga!

RYT - 500; 200hr - Karuna Yoga; 300hr - Yoga at the Village

Ani Raya-Flores

As a trail runner and endurance athlete, Ani first came to yoga in search of increased flexibility and a stronger core. While she noticed the physical results immediately, it was the unexpected mental and emotional benefits that kept her coming back to the mat. She credits the yoga practice with giving her the clarity of mind, physical and emotional balance necessary to conquer the steepest of climbs, on and off the trails.

With a background in childcare and literature, Ani believes a great yoga class has all the elements of a great bedtime story: a knowledgable guide, a challenging yet playful journey and ultimately, a resting pose.

RYT-200, Mukti Yoga School

Bethany Eanes

Bethany teaches by the most important rule her guru ever taught her, "Love holds the highest vibration."  She is a senior teacher trainer for Mukti Yoga School, lululemon ambassador, yoga coach to the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team and founder of Yoga High, Inc., a mindfulness-based approach to a lifelong high. Bethany has trained in trauma sensitive yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Insight Meditation, and is pursuing a degree in counseling. She also rocks some pretty badass yoga poses. Bethany's classes are physically challenging, emotionally nourishing, personally fulfilling and spiritually uplifting. Simply put, Bethany loves yoga, and yoga loves her right back, giving her an everlasting buzz.

RYT - 500; Mukti Yoga School; 

Chona Bernardo

Chona is Long Beach native finding solace along the coast.  After moving to LA, she strived to find that same peace of mind and found it in yoga & meditation.  Strengthening her spiritual practice helps develop her intuition as a Reiki healer and as an artist. When she's not painting, she enjoys going to nature and finding meaning in the details of the universe. 

Eva Christopherson

Being active and involved in music has been Eva’s form of expression all her life. Needing a change from years of a typical gym routine, she decided to take a yoga class. She left feeling at ease, confident, and as if a weight had been lifted off her chest. As she found herself thinking about yoga, talking about it, and wanting to learn more, it soon became a part of her everyday life.
Like music, Eva believes yoga is an opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourselves, and to bring awareness to what we already are. By practicing with an open mind, a bit of playfulness, and sense of humor, Eva is certain that yoga will give us lifelong tools to incorporate on and off our mats.  

RYT-200, Back Bay Yoga

Hannah Skye Wenzel

Hannah is a native of Colorado, so a love of movement and nature circulates in her blood.  With her background in acting and dance, she will gracefully guide you through a power yoga flow that will cultivate health and fitness and nourish the spirit.

Hannah believes that everyone is suited for yoga, no matter their background.  Those who practice do so because of how it makes them feel and because it’s fun!  So come play on the mat! Expect deep core strengthening, interesting challenges, and a seamless flow in her class.

RYT - 200, CorePower Yoga

Hollye Holbrook

Hollye is passionate about living authentically with intention, self-awareness and compassion both on and off the mat. She is committed to holding a space for people to explore their own truths, grow and heal through physical practice, meditation and pranayama (breathwork). Hollye's classes are stimulating explorations into self-discovery with a focus on alignment, breath awareness, and 'being here now'. She is honored to be able to share this practice with others, and looks forward to sharing time and space with you on the mat.

Raised in the forests of Oregon, Hollye presently resides in Highland Park with her favorite little fuzzy beast, Grey.

RYT-200, Yogaworks; Working on RYT-500 with Annie Carpenter

Krysten Clark

Krysten studied and trained in Dance, Gymnastics, Aerial Arts, and Mixed Martial Arts before finding her way to the Yoga mat. Yoga has brought her closer to herself as she learned to let go, heal, and live her intention to be in the present that inevitably leads to freedom. She advocates that meaningful yoga practice can be the vehicle to finding the truest forms of the matters of the heart while uniting the mind, body, and spirit seamlessly.

In her high energy intuitive class, she turns up the tunes, builds heat, helps you find a new connection or awareness within, while physically toning and stretching every major muscle group. Get ready to sweat, break through your boundaries and get lost in the flow!

ERYT - 200; CorePower Yoga

Matthew Clark

Matthew is a professional drummer, yoga instructor, chef, edible gardener and nature enthusiast. He has toured all over the US and Europe with various bands and finds a similar meditative space in music as he finds in yoga.

Trained in India and in the US Matthew combines the two worlds in his classes, the spirual east and the physical west. Matthew often plays records in his class. Come to his hatha yoga class for some good music, a steady, mellow stretch, some core work and detoxifying twists, guided by the rhythm of your breath. 

ERYT - 200, Yoga at the Village

Michelle Ma

Michelle has always been captivated by rhythm and movement. She was introduced to yoga in 2008 and the practice continues to strengthen her identity and her connection with the world around her. It is because of this that she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience with others through teaching. It is Michelle's inquiring nature that drives her to continuously explore and seek new knowledge, which is reflected in her classes. Her goal as an instructor is to create a supportive environment for exploration and to find balance, steadiness and strength within the mind, body and spirit. Michelle offers carefully sequenced classes with great attention to alignment and engagement. Her light-hearted demeanor and playful approach to self discovery encourage her students to seek a deeper understanding of themselves on a real level.

RYT 200, CorePower Yoga + 200hr Meditate, Study, Practice with Tony Giuliano.

MJ Alvarez

As a native of sunny California, MJ has found comfort and familiarity in the importance of a healthy life style.  As a teen she starting on a path to strength and health by working out and playing baseball, now doing yoga, bike riding and running.
As a certified massage therapist and a lover of all things in nature. Namaste just seemed to be the perfect fit for her life style.
When not waitressing at the family business or manning the front desk at Namaste in Highland Park, MJ enjoys horseback riding, camping, the beach and hanging out with her cat Damian.

Nora Brank

Nora has been practicing yoga and meditation since she was a very young child. Her dad was an avid yogi, introducing her to the sun salutations at the tender age of five. These days, Nora starts every day with a sun salute and credits her dedicated yoga practice with her health and well being.  She believes that yoga can instill all of it's practitioners with a flexibility and resilience that they can use both on and off the mat.

Nora has a MA in Eastern philosophy with a specialty in the Upanishads and Brahma Sutras.  Her love and knowledge of Sanskrit and the mystical traditions surrounding the Vedic texts guides and deepens her yoga practice. 

RYT-200, Mukti Yoga School

Shoshana Stolove

Shoshana will charm you with her free spirit and cheerful soul. She found yoga over 20 years ago when healing a broken vertebrae introduced her to the amazing healing effects of yoga. As a flower child and passionate jewelry maker, she is commited to making this world a beautiful place. 

In her class she loves to share her belief that yoga nourishes self acceptance, appreciation and celebration of our true, authentic, free flying selves. You'll find yourself being moved, danced and created through in her Rasa Vinyasa class - you'll seek balance between angular and strength building masculine and fluid, circular and flexibility focused feminine. Her classes are less about perfection, more about self-expression.

RYT - 500, Shiva Rea

Steven Arcos

Steven is an Echo Park native. Born and raised here, his teaching style reflects the LA lifestyle: equal parts relaxing and adventurous. As someone who practices many different styles of yoga, he loves to keep classes fun and challenging by incorporating those styles into his teachings. His motto is Sapere Aude or Dare to Know. He believes that by keeping an open heart and mind you will never stop growing. Always looking for new ways to push himself, Steven found yoga. After it changed his life by connecting him to his more spiritual self, he became eager to share his passion with the rest of the world. He teaches that yoga, although an amazingly effective physical activity, is in reality so much more. When he is not teaching he remains very active. Steve is an avid runner, cyclist, as well as personal trainer and believes in healthy living through physical fitness. 

RYT-200, Earth's Power Yoga

Alexander Wand

Alex is a Los Angeles based composer/performer interested in non-western music, poetry, storytelling, and alternate tuning systems. He has performed at venues and festivals from California to Tibet such as REDCAT, Art Share, The University of Minnesota, and the Xinghai International Poetry Festival.

Alex sings and plays guitar and sitar and performs as a solo artist and in Three Thirds. Originally from Detroit, he studied music composition at the University of Michigan and at CalArts with composers Bright Sheng, Michael Fink, Ulrich Krieger, and Wolfgang von Schweinitz.

Alex plays sitar in Bethany's monthly Wednesday night Candlelight Flow, every first Wednesday of the month.

Amy Johns

Amy is a California native who has always been active in fitness and healthy living. Her energetic personality and love for working with people, naturally progressed into becoming a yoga instructor.  She enjoys teaching yoga as a spiritual practice as well as a healing discipline. Her positive guidance inspires students to go beyond their comfort zone, and have them look up after challenging posture, with a great big smile, silently saying, "WOW, I actually did it!" Amy will emphasize proper breathing, active stillness and strong postural alignment. Her classes will challenge you and leave you with a greater sense of your true self.

ERYT - 200; YogaWorks

Denise Woods

Denise Woods is a classically trained dancer with a degree in Dance and Communications from California State Long Beach. She has performed professionally in Los Angeles, New York City, and Santa Barbara. As a graduate of the Rainbow Kid's Yoga and the White Lotus Foundation, she now teaches throughout greater LA.

Denise is continually inspired by the way Yoga can positively transform a life at any age by setting constructive thoughts and habits. Supporting the growth of organizations that are dear to her heart she takes on the role of Ambassador to lululemon athletica Glendale, Yoga Gives Back and Chipkos. She finds the sparkle in each day by bringing out the essence of a person through the sacred practice of moving from within. By instilling a deep sense of joy, balance and awareness, her hope is that clients take these virtues off the mat and into their lives. Denise is forever grateful to her family, friends,teachers and students for all of the guidance and support along the way.

Dr. Gopal Cabrera

Gopal comes from a family of medical doctors, acupuncturists, and wellness practitioners, allowing him to understand both Eastern and Western views of medicine. In pursuit of a greater understanding of diverse backgrounds and cultures, he has accomplished two Chiropractic Mission trips to the Dominican Republic. There he was able to provide chiropractic care to thousands of patients in various locations, such as schools, retirement homes, and Haitian villages.
Gopal also has experience in treating patients in a wide variety of settings, including high profile athletes and celebrities. Furthermore, he has worked on site at marathons such as the AVIA Wildflower Triathlon, and has been on the sidelines at various professional and amateur athletic events. Gopal is certified in Kinesio taping and Rock taping methods, the first module of Graston technique, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Jenn Miller

Jenn love sharing yoga.  As a student of the world, she continues to learn from her students and teachers everyday.  Jenn’s classes incorporate flow & static asana, anatomic focus, and create a connection of the mind, body, & breath.  She combines classical teachings, western inspiration, and therapeutic applications in all her classes.  Her intention is for each unique person to find one’s yoga.  Jenn specializes in prenatal yoga and believes through personal adapting, modifying, and exploration of the edges of comfort - yoga begins to serve the individual.  Expect to meet your breath, move your body, smile & laugh, and expect the unexpected.

Jennifer Oliver O'Connell

Jennifer found her calling at CorePower Yoga, a studio she walked into to finally take a group class after practicing Yoga on DVD for 10 years. After only a few months of studio practice, she was encouraged by several CorePower instructors to participate in their teacher training program. 

While Jennifer has always known Yoga integrates the body, mind and soul, she discovered something unexpected in her practice: Transformation. "As a black woman, and especially a Christian black woman, we are not taught to appreciate the variety and uniqueness of our bodies. In fact, we are often taught to either minimize or denigrate them. Yoga has allowed me to open up to discovering my unique self, and to celebrate this each time I come to the mat." Jennifer desires to guide others in finding transformation, connection to their authentic selves, and balance in all parts of their physical and spiritual being.

ERYT- 200; CorePower

Laetitia De Lagasnerie

Laetitia, a grateful mother of two, thinks of yoga as a life saver as yoga sustained her through pregnancy, birth and illness. She has studied many styles over the years and is certified to teach Hatha and Kundalini.

Her class draws from different practices keeping her students safe with a strong emphasis on breath and alignment. While encouraging them to enjoy the process, she guides the practice to become a moving meditation. Lately Laetitia has been taking master classes with Iyengar teacher Scott Hobbs.

Laetitia also loves teaching prenatal yoga to empower women in this beautiful time of their lives and enjoys giving them guidance and adjustments in her regular classes.

Laura VanDenBergh

Laura VanDenBergh is a certified yoga, kids yoga, and AcroYoga instructor, and Doula. Practicing since childhood, she has always used yoga as a tool to calm anxiety and build confidence. These are the qualities she hopes her students can find in class as well. She believes that yoga should be accessible and comfortable for all people - regardless of body type, level of flexibility, or presence of disability. She has had many teachers over the years, with extensive trainings in Sivananda, AcroYoga Montreal, Rainbow Kids Yoga. She is a trained Doula by Ana Paula Markel of BINI Birth.

Meredith Landry

Meredith Landry is a Louisiana native who left New Orleans for Chicago in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. But after five years in the Windy City—and one too many frigid winters—she moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 2010. It was during one of those cold winters, however, that Meredith first stumbled into a warm yoga studio and fell in love with the practice.

Since then, she’s trained with Baron Baptiste, Seane Corn and Ella Cojacaru, and now offers a challenging Vinyasa Flow class to her own students that incorporates strength and flexibility, anatomy and philosophy, fun and deep relaxation.

Odeya Nini

Odeya Nini has been a practitioner of yoga for the last 12 years. She received her teaching certification from New York Yoga in 2006 and has been journeying as a teacher since. Her classes draw from Iyengar, Ashtanga, various teachings and mainly life experiences, creating an intuitive and balanced vinyasa flow. As a contemporary vocalist and composer she brings careful orchestration, free improvisation and the healing power of the resonant voice to her class, moving organically through beginning middle and end in ritual form.
"Yoga is a thesaurus experience - through mindfulness, awareness and concentration, we give new definition to ourselves."

Shane Chunephisal

Shane Chunephisal is a gifted Sound Healer and Massage Therapist. After his kundalini awakening in Dec. 2011, he began his path of transcendence into the many modalities of healing. He discovered that Sound Healing was one of the most effective. Guided by his Higher Self, Shane uses guided meditation, crystal quartz singing bowls, and a myriad of sound healing instruments in his healing. His soundscapes cleanse and purge negative blockages while amplifying and energizing positive vibrations, thereby giving listeners a blissful, transforming and uplifting experience in mind, body, emotions and spirit. Shane has performed throughout the greater Los Angeles area and at festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle and Lucidity.

Sheela Bringi

Sheela Bringi, M.F.A., holds a master’s degree in Indian music from the California Institute of the Arts, and has been teaching harmonium and sacred Raga-based singing and mantra practice to Kirtan leaders, yoga studio owners, and others for the past ten years. Sheela lives in Los Angeles, and gives performances and work- shops in the US and throughout the world.

"When Sheela sings, it’s like the clouds part, the rivers flow into the spaces in our hearts and in our bodies that need that sonic amritha [nectar]" - Shiva Rae

You will find Sheela playing her harp and leading Yoga Nidra-based meditation and sound bath on January 26th. 

Sondra Sun-Odeon

Sondra Sun-Odeon is a musician and artist whose practice of yoga began in 1998 and is informed by a lifelong interest in health and healing, as well as a passion for helping others. After 16+ years as a student, she became certified to teach yoga herself in 2012 through the Greenhouse Holistic teacher training program in Brooklyn, NY.

Teaching a style that incorporates alignment-based Vinyasa & the easeful pace and mindfulness of breath from Hatha yoga, Sondra encourages an exploration of spirit via yogic philosophy, awareness through meditation and sound. She teaches yoga as an accessible tool for exploring the Self and potential for transformation, healing, and growth.

RYT-200, Greenhouse Holistic; working on 300hr - Yoga Sukhavati