Michelle Ma

What were you doing before yoga found you?

Before yoga found me, I found it very easy to get carried away by any thought that popped up in my mind. More and more now I practice mindfulness and try to watch my thoughts and actions more carefully.
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Michelle Ma
Through the practice of yoga, Michelle to become more attuned to the subtleties of her own existence. She is inspired to practice and to teach yoga so that she can improve the quality of her own life and that of those around her. Michelle finds no greater joy than when a student feels inspired to share something about their lives or their practice with her. It is in those moments that she finds the work of teaching and sharing yoga to be completely worthwhile. Her goal is to create a supportive, casual and personal environment for self-exploration and balance. Her light-hearted yet challenging classes and her playful approach to teaching inspire her students to seek a deeper understanding of themselves on an accessible level. With careful attention to alignment, she guides her students through well-rounded, mixed-levels sequences. Michelle strives to enable her students for success both in the studio and in the more unpredictable world outside.



RYT-200 CorePower
RYT-200 Meditate, Study, Practice with Tony Giuliano
Smiling Monkey Children’s Yoga 
CorePower: Level 2, Spin Yoga, 26-Poses and Restorative Yoga


Teaching yoga since 2011

Practicing yoga since 2008

Michelle Ma instructs the following classes:

Vinyasa Flow
This astanga-based flow class focuses on uniting breath and body. Expect to work hard and compassionately with your body to break a sweat, moving through sequences that help you to get your blood flowing and clear your mind.

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