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Chona Bernardo
What is your favorite hike in Los Angeles?
I like to hike up Chantry Flat in the Angeles National Forest. My favorite trail is Winter Creek because I can get lost in the trees and feel the presence of fairies.
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MJ Alvarez

Chona is a Long Beachchona_bernardo_04_web_color native finding solace along the coast. After moving to LA, she strived to find that same peace of mind and found it in yoga & meditation.
Her discipline in her practice allows her to keep a good composure, stay centered, and grounded. It's helped her to flow more gracefully through the emotional waves of life. Strengthening her spiritual practice develops her intuition as a Reiki healer and as a visual artist. When she's not painting, she enjoys reading, collecting crystals, and spending time with loved ones. She also enjoys nature and finding meaning in the details of the universe.

As a native of sunny California, MJ has found comfort and familiarity in the importance of a healthy life style. As a teen she starting on a path to strength and health by working out and playing baseball, now doing yoga, bike riding and running.

As a certified massage therapist and a lover of all things in nature, Namaste mj_03_web_colorjust seemed to be the perfect fit for her life style.
When not waitressing at the family business or manning the front desk at Namaste Highland Park, MJ enjoys horseback riding, camping, the beach and hanging out with her cat, Damian.

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