Emily MacLean

What inspires your practice and teaching?
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Emily MacLean

I was drawn to yoga initially for the exercise, I loved how the practice put my body into all sorts of strange shapes and forms.   Then I started working in a studio that had an extensive library and a whole new world was opened up to me.  I was fascinated with the abundance of yoga; its science, philosophy and mythology and I have been a dedicated student ever since. 

I am a writer of fiction, an avid garden and an amateur carpenter. All which I consider labors of love.   I have been studying Greek for a few years in the hope that when I go back to Greece I can converse with my family there.  

I am delighted to be practicing and now working at Namaste.   To have found so warm and inviting a place to explore yoga with such enthusiastic and dedicated practitioners is truly a blessing.


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RYT-200, Misson Street Yoga;


Teaching since 2015
Practicing since 1998

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